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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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The Company and its subsidiary provide ICT systems integration service and other related services; in addition to telecom services. The Company also does the businesses regarding the nationwide provision of basic telecommunications services and social services (Universal Service Obligation: USO). In addition, the Company expands its business to the rented contact center system on Hosted Contact Center, in the name “EasyConnect”; computer system integration business; and cloud computing business.

Followings are the details of 3 businesses of the Company and its subsidiary.

1 Telecom Systems Integration
The Company does the telecom systems integration business that involves the distribution of telecommunications equipment and the provision of other related services, such as the design, installation, and testing of telecom equipment for government and private sectors; for examples, TOT Public Company Limited (“TOT”), CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (“CAT”), Provincial Electricity Authority (“PEA”), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (“MEA”), The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”), State Railway of Thailand (“SRT”), Government Savings Bank (“GSB”), Office of the Basic Education Commission (“OBEC”), TTTBB, JasTel and also engages in an outsourcing project of Advanced Info Service PCL (“AIS”) to improve AIS In-Building Antenna Systems. The 2 main distribution channels of the Company are participating in bidding in order to provide SI services to both government and private sectors and subcontracting projects from telecommunication operators. The Company also provides the products that support its turnkey business as detailed below.

The business in connection with security systems which include CCTV System, Access Control System, Intrusion Prevention System and Fire Alarm System, etc.

2 Telecom Service Business
Telecom services business involves total solution provision of various telecom services that help support corporate customers in their non-core business. The services include system design, equipment providing and system installation. Furthermore, they include system/equipment maintenance services both of the preventive and corrective types. From 2010 to 2014, the Company has provided telecom service with respect to the Universal Service Obligation (“USO”) projects of TTTBB and JasTel.

In addition to the above-mentioned, another business of the Company is a business for rented contact center system on Hosted Contact Center, in the service name “EasyConnect”, developed by the Company’s personnel who have both experience and expertise. The targets of this service are customers and corporates that require a contact center to support their sales and after sales service activities. Renting the Hosted Contact Center service can help save their investment cost of Contact Center System. The Hosted Contact Center provides connectivity service by linking the customer’s operator PC with a headphone via hi-speed Internet to the center hosted system (Host), thus, the customers receive quick and efficient service.

3 Computer Systems Integration Business and Cloud Computing Business
Computer Systems Integration and Cloud Computing Business are operated by the Company’s subsidiary, which is a provider of computers and related equipment, including the consulting services, system design and installation of computer and ICT systems. The service range also entails the development of software applications and a maintenance service for computer hardware and other peripheral equipment for the customers in the government and private sectors, as well as cloud computing service providers.

Cloud Computing business provides an operator of a business which needs ICT system support with an option to lease the computer hardware and software. Cloud computing services are sutiable for small and medium sized corporates that may have budget constraints. Cloud computing services can be divided into 2 types:

1  Cloud Infrastructure Service (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
2  Software Based Service (Software-as-a-service)


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