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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Corporate Milestone

15 th December 2004,

the Company registered a capital increase of 125 million shares at the offering price of Baht 1.50 per share (based on the book value of the Company as at 30 th June 2004 and 30 th September 2004, which was Baht 1.43 and Baht 1.54 per share, respectively). The purpose of the capital increase was to raise funds to finance the purchase of payphones and to reserve for bidding for projects and for operating a CDMA project of CAT. The new shares were offered to Knight Thai Technology Fund, a private fund managed by Knight Asset Management Limited that was established for the purpose of investing in securities listed on the SET, including investments in pre-IPO and IPO shares. Knight Thai Technology Fund emphasises long-term investments in securities in telecom, IT and computer sectors. Knight Thai Technology Fund is a financial investor which requires capital gains from its investments and does not wish to take part in management or assign proxies as directors. After the IPO offering of 175 million shares, the shareholding of JAS and Knight Thai Technology Fund shall be diluted to 57.14 per cent and 17.86 per cent of paid-up capital, respectively. (Note: this does not take into account the offering of ESOP shares and warrants to directors and employees totalling 5,000,000 shares and 21,250,000 shares, respectively.)

5 th November 2004,

the Company issued a stock dividend to existing shareholders free of charge in a ratio of 1 existing share to 3 new shares, causing its paid-up capital to increase to Baht 400 million comprising 400 million shares at a par value of Baht 1.

20 th February 2004,

The Company transformed into a public limited company with the Ministry of Commerce and was renamed Jasmine Telecom Systems Plc. The par value was reduced from Baht 100 to Baht 1 per share.

15 th January 2004,  

The Company entered into two agreements to lease not more than an additional 20,000 public payphones, consisting of an agreement to lease not more than 10,000 public payphones in the Bangkok metropolitan area and the North-East of the country, and an agreement to lease not more than 10,000 public payphones in the Bangkok metropolitan area and South of the country. Each has a tenure of 10 years, which shall expire on 15 th January 2014. As at 30 th September 2005, the Company had installed 10,738 payphones. (See details in Part 2 No. 3.2 Payphones.)

31 st January 2001,

the Company entered into a leasing agreement of public payphones with TOT Corporation Plc. (subsequently renamed TOT) to install no more than 10,000 public payphones in the central region of the country and the Bangkok metropolitan area. The lease tenure is 10 years, which shall expire on 31 st January 2011.

30 th November 1995, l

The Company entered into a Distributorship and Representative Agreement of Test Equipment with the Anritsu Group, which comprised Anritsu Corporation, Anritsu Company and Anritsu Limited, which is one of the leading producers of telecom test equipment in Japan.

21 st April 1995,

 JTS was established as Jasmine Telecom System Co., Ltd. with initial registered and paid-up capital of Baht 100 million, which consisted of 1,000,000 ordinary shares at a par value of Baht 100 each. Jasmine International Plc. held the entire number of shares. The purpose of establishing JTS was to engage in turnkey solutions for telecommunication systems and to distribute communication devices.

4 th May 2007,

Allocated ESOP Share 1 million shares to Director and Employees.

25 th April 2007,

Additional announced cash dividend payment for year 2006 of 701 million shares @ 0.17 baht per share, total dividend payment for year 2006 is 0.30 baht per share.

3 rd November 2006,

Allocated ESOP Shares 1 million share and ESOP Warrants 21.25 million shares respectively to Director and Employees.

18 th September 2006,

Proposed 175 million capital shares in price of 3.20 Baht per shares to Public.

15 th September 2006,

Announced cash dividend payment 700 million shares @ 0.13 baht per share.

20 th June 2006,

Signed Broadband Services Project with TT&T Plc. and Trible T Broadband co., Ltd. above Baht 1,500 million.

11 th October 2005,

 the Company acquired 528,365 shares of STCC, or 96.07 per cent of its total shares, from JAS at Baht 155.87 per share totalling Baht 82.36 million. The share price was based on the net asset value of STCC as at 30 th June 2005 after being adjusted by an interim dividend payment pursuant to a resolution of a meeting of the Board of Directors of STCC held on 22 nd August 2005. The acquisition was aimed at clarifying the business structure and to create transparency. On 8 th December 2005, the Company acquired an additional 9,899 shares of STCC from two minority shareholders at Baht 155.87 per share. At present, the Company holds 97.87 per cent of the total shares of STCC.


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